Jennifer Zivic
"Ken is a great asset to any team. He works amazingly well with people and is a true team player. I do not know anyone that did not enjoy his day to day disposition. Ken always does what it takes to get the job done. He never left a project unfinished or not done to the best of his ability regardless of what it took to get there. Reliable and dependable are certainly among his top assets. And finally his talent, Ken was always able to take the vision of what I had and make it into a reality that was stellar whether it be an actual product or needs for a presentation to a Licensor or Buyer. He has many blue sky ideas as well as the ability to follow a direction that meets consumer and retailer needs. I believe he is a true Product Development leader and has the potential to do even more great things when brought into a key role at any consumer products company."

Jennifer worked directly with Kenneth at Tara Toy Corporation

Elaine De La Mata (Marquart)
"Ken was an invaluable member of the research and design team at Tara Toy. As Art Director at the time, I was always confident in relying on Ken for support in any number of projects from the smallest to the largest. Ken dedicates himself to the successful completion of projects, working well both as part of a group or heading the team himself, while maintaining a level head and awareness of deadlines. Ken is very conscientious of details, pricing, manufacturing and safety. Any company would be enhanced by having Ken on their team."

Elaine worked directly with Kenneth at Tara Toy Corporation

Lee Nielsen
"It was a pleasure working with Ken. He was a very detail-oriented designer with a very creative flair. In the fast-paced sales end of the business, I would often request projects with very tight timelines. Ken always managed to prioritize his projects and make it happen every time."

Lee worked directly with Kenneth at Tara Toy Corporation

Brian Specht
"I worked with Ken for almost ten years and if I needed someone to figure out a complicated design problem Ken was the first person I would go to. Ken knows how to come up with a creative solution while always keeping in mind industry safety standards as well as keeping manufacturing costs in mind. He is single-handedly capable of taking a product from a creative concept to a production part."

Brian managed Kenneth at Tara Toy Corporation

Lisa Santangelo-Margulis
"Ken is an exceptionally detailed oriented team member who is very passionate about the work he is involved in. He is quite knowledgeable in his fields of expertise. Ken is also an exemplary individual in both the workplace as well as his personal life."

Lisa worked directly with Kenneth at Tara Toy Corporation

Amy Belz
"Ken is so hardworking, dedicated and always, always gets the job done. He's a huge asset."

Amy worked directly with Kenneth at Tara Toy Corporation