Taratoy, Inc.

Director of Industrial Design - Child Activities, Carrying Cases, Party Favors, Stationery & Games
June 2001 – March 2010 Hauppauge, NY

• Developed over 300 innovative products in multiple brand categories
• Designed a variety distinctive packaging and graphics that enhanced Sales' ability to place new product at retail
• Applied methods to resolve cost saving design issues resulting in an average 3% increased profit margin
• Created mechanical drawings using CAD software decreasing turnaround times for models from several weeks to a few days by use of 3D printing instead of hand-built prototypes
• Officiated safety assurance for all products as set forth by domestic and foreign regulatory guidelines that resulted in a well- established history of product safety over the 9+ years
• Guided Product Management team in regard to manufacturing processes and usage of materials, for which molding cycle times decreased, product reliability strengthened and testing outcome improved
• Analyzed product management team’s profit and loss statements for maximum cost efficiency by identifying unnecessary components and operations which increased profitability
• Reported to executive management and all vendors in regard to issues which resolved tight schedules and development problems including tooling improvements and process re-evaluation
• Oversaw prototypes and initial mold shots assuring products were ready for production and testing
• Designed and built prototype models for concept evaluation that verified if products were fit for development
• Guided growth of electronic toys which introduced the company into a new activity and game category
• Designed trade magazine ads, PowerPoint presentations, catalogs, trade show materials and booths